Oral Surgery

Wisdom Teeth

As a Maxillofacial surgeon you train as a dentist and a doctor.  To complete training an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon is required to remove wisdom teeth for at least 1000 patients. If you are having your wisdom teeth removed you should make sure your surgeon is registered with the ANZAOMS society to make sure they are adequately trained.

We can help to arrange for you to have your wisdom teeth out while you are asleep or awake and to help you recover from your surgery with the best care possible.

Wisdom teeth oral surgery Brisbane


Implants can be placed to replace lost teeth. A titanium implant placed into the jaw is the best replacement we have for a lost tooth with a success rate of greater than 93%. A surgeon can place the implant so that your dentist can then put a tooth on top of it. For more difficult reconstructive cases Michael can help also help to offer options to allow reconstruction of any lost teeth.

Michael is also trained in the placement of an osseo-frame device (3D printed titanium frame) to replace any lost teeth.

Oral surgery teeth implants Brisbane